We offer our clients for example:

  • Furniture photography in our studio
  • advertising photography in our studio – products such as PackShots, or modeling shootings (in cooperation with interior designer, stylist and make-up artist)
  • photo shoots of architecture and interior photography
  • Fashion, Beauty and Glamour photography
  • photo shoots of a product involving models
  • culinary photography made in a suitable studio for the purposes of business activity of hotels, catering, but also food and packaging production

During each photo shoot we are professionally editing photographs, which are being printed afterwards in the highest quality through certified hard-copy proof following ISO 12647-7/8 standard.

Photo shoots may be held also in a place chosen by our clients.

Having a modern graphics studio at our disposal we are able to make Your advertising material look professional, help you design it from the very beginning, make desktop publishing, necessary adjustment, and in the end – hard-copy.

We are also able to print large volume publications.

We run also our own printing house, which allows us to offer comprehensive printing services, such as hard-copy of posters, calendars, cards, catalogues, folders etc. We provide our clients with a possibility to print small amount of pages fast and in high quality.

Moreover, we offer large-format hard-copy in high quality, regardless of the material (foil, flax linen), and banners in various sizes. There is also a possibility to stick the hard-copy to miscellaneous foundations, such as styrofoam or plexiglass, or cover it with a foil, protecting hard-copy from ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Our services include comprehensive filmmaking – from advertisements, documentary or training films to video clips and much more. The whole process consists of writing scenario, creating movie set and editing a movie with suitable sound effects – everything made in high definition